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My Epiphany Celebration.

Hello, dear friends. 

I am happy to share my new experience with you.
Today Ukrainians are celebrating Epiphany or the Baptism of Jesus Christ. This day we believe that water becomes holy. People bring this holy water home from the churches and use it throughout a year to treat illnesses and bless their homes. Some people follow the tradition to dip into the lakes or rivers. On this day water washes away all the sins from the past year and brings health and strength. This is a bit extreme tradition because this time of the year it is rather cold in Ukraine. 🙂 For example today at midnight it was 13 degrees below zero (Celsius scale).

In spite of cold weather my husband and I decided to follow the tradition, so at midnight, we came to the bank of the river. I was surprised to see a lot of people there waiting for the priest to bless the water first. The night was so beautiful. You know, it was snowing the whole day yesterday, but at midnight the sky was clear and studded with bright stars. Gorgeous view!
At last, after the prayers and blessing of the water we did it – we joined hands and submerged three times in the water ‘In the Name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit’.

Oh boy! That was cold! 🙂 My husband told me that he could hardly breathe. I cannot even describe how I felt. I was shocked, probably. 😀 Actually, it was harder to get back to the bank. It was much colder there than in the water. And the process of dressing was kind of tricky. But later when we were dressed and did some exercises, some jumping jacks and jogged for a while, we felt the burst of energy and heat

When we got home we couldn’t sleep for a while, I felt as if I just returned from a rock concert or something of the kind. I guess adrenalin level exceeded its limit. What a great feeling!
And today the feeling is still great! Maybe this is going to become our new family tradition. It’s cool that we ventured to do it this year!


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