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Pysanky (pysanka – singular)

Today is Easter according to the Orthodox tradition. In Ukrainian, it is called Velykden (The Great Day) and together with Christmas, it is the biggest holiday of the year. On this day the traditional greeting is:
“Christ has risen from the dead!”
“He has risen indeed!”

I love this holiday very much. I love baking traditional Easter bread – kulich and making paskha – special cream-cheese sweet dish. And of course, I enjoy painting eggs. They are the main attribute of Easter holiday. In Ukraine, there are different types of painted Easter eggs: krashanky (eggs painted in one color which can be eaten) and pysanky (eggs painted with special symbols, which are kept as talismans).

The drawings on pysanky are the ancient symbols, the writing, the special message. Pysanky can be quite colorful and not only each symbol but also each color has its own meaning.
Pysanka is not just the tradition for me. It has become my hobby. I am learning the meaning of symbols and colors and here I would like to present my little collection.

My Easter Eggs (Pysanky) on PhotoPeach


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