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Last week three of us (my husband, my daughter and I) listened to the wonderful concert of one of the best choirs in the world called Oreya. I don’t exaggerate. Since 1986 (that’s when it was founded) the choir has won 7 grand prizes and 25 first prizes at the prestigious competitions of choral singing. We are really lucky because the headquarters of this choir Cappella is in my town (Zhytomyr, Ukraine), all the members of this choir live here as well as its director and founder Olexander Vatsek.

I was a bit nervous sitting in the parterre because of my daughter. It was not her first experience at the theater and she knows and loves this choir. She listened to the recording of Oreya before, but listening to the live performance is absolutely different. I worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep quiet listening to spiritual, classical and rather complicated folk pieces of music. But she behaved perfectly well, she enjoyed some pieces more, she fidgeted from time to time but kept silence when she was supposed to and applauded with the audience. 🙂

Some time ago I made a slide show inspired by Oreya’s singing. This piece of music was written by Antonin Dvorak (Symphony No. 9 in E Minor “From the New World”).

I’d like to share another video with you. I love it so much!


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