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Our Audiobook

Over a year ago my husband Oleg and my sister Oksana started recording an audiobook. That was their first experience so they had to learn a lot along the way. They decided to record the autobiographic book by Sat-Okh called The Land of Salt Rocks because this book was one of my husband’s childhood favorites. Besides there are really few adventure audiobooks for children and teenagers in the Ukrainian language.

Have you heard about Sat-Okh? Have you read his books?

Sat-Okh (Stanislaw Suplatowicz: 1920 July 3, 2003) was the son of a Polish mother and an Indian father. In this book, he described his childhood in the Camp of Young Wolves forest school for Indian boys.

“The Land of Salt Rocks” is an adventure book which is interesting not only for children but also for adults. As a teacher and a mother, I was amazed by the methods of education in the Shawnee tribe. The boys were taken from their homes at the age of five. (this fact amazes me as I see my daughter at the age of five and I realize that she would not survive a day in a forest). The boys learned how to read the traces of the animals, how to hunt, how to survive in the woods

Oleg read the story, Oksana dubbed in music and sound effects. Oksana really managed to create the sound picture of the story using authentic songs of the Native American tribes, nature sounds and her taste.

When the creation was over, we put the ready audio-book to one Ukrainian torrent site called Hurtom which means together or jointly. This site popularizes Ukrainian films, books and music and also films and books translated into Ukrainian language. But we wanted not only to share our audio-book with the members of this site. We decided to release a professional CD in order to distribute it among schools and libraries for blind (or visually impaired) people, that is for those who cannot find and download this book by themselves. The only problem was money or rather its absence :). The only way out was to ask for help. And we did. We asked people who downloaded our audio-book to help us release a CD for blind people. And people helped. They sent us donations, little by little

We found an artist who painted the picture for the cover free of charge.

We found a designer who made the design of the CD package free of charge.

And four months later we received one thousand copies of our audio-book on CD!

And then the distribution marathon began. We had to find people in 24 region centers of Ukraine who would bring our discs to schools and libraries of Ukrainian Society for Blind People (there is such an organization in Ukraine). This task seemed overwhelming, but here Hurtom site helped again. A lot of volunteers offered their help. We just needed to pack the parcels and send them to different cities of Ukraine and to make sure that all the parcels reached the addressees.

And now when it is done there is such a great feeling as if you’ve passed all your final exams and adrenalin is still boiling in your blood, but you don’t need to study any more and you feel so cool and relieved You know what I mean? 

P.S.Here is a link to the Google Drive folder with our audio-book. You may download any mp3 file and listen to Oksana and Oleg’s work. I know that you don’t understand Ukrainian, but you can hear the mood of the book, you can imagine what is going on… Nice exercise for the imagination. 


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