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Moodle MOOC Opening Ceremony (May 31 2013)

It was a wonderful class and a very exciting opening ceremony!


I enjoyed the speech of Martin Dougiamas a lot. I realize that I will need to watch his presentation again later (and probably not once). Right now I am just not able to understand everything he was talking about. 🙂 I need some time to explore Moodle to realize what he means.

So much useful information, so many exciting tools to explore, but also a lot of technical details which I simply didn’t get. (hopefully for now)

What has caught my attention now:

‘good teachers make the difference’

Moodle 2.5

Moodle in general is:

  • ‘Something you can control’
  • Free to use tool used mostly for asynchronous learning

The goal of Moodle team is –

  • to make it work equally well on any device
  • To make tools that reduce the effort
  • Its focus is to support learners

Cool feature – Digital signing with a badge (there is meta info on a badge) – useful for portfolio building.


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