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Week 2 class on WizIQ “Creating Engaging Activities with Dave Cormier”

I watched the recording of the class and wondered how I would have felt if I were present in the class. In such cases I usually feel really awkward. When I am in the group of people and someone behaves childishly – I feel awkward. When people are asked to do something and some of them ignore the request for some reasons – I feel awkward and ashamed even if I am not involved in misbehaving.

I would love to watch Dave in action. I wanted to see his example of the engaging activity and the reaction of the students. Alas! There was no time for that. But still it definitely wasn’t a waste of time. I think those ready to hear, learnt a valuable lesson that day. Dave is right – an engaging activity is impossible if the learners are not able (or do not want) to take responsibility.

Some quotes I liked a lot:

“…Opening the learning process when everyone can participate means that our learning examples are far closer to what we experience in the real life”

“We need to be able to create a classroom where there is a room for the uncertainty, but where this uncertainty is bounded by the responsibility of the students in it… You create the situation where the responsibility is something you can depend on.”


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