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Flipped learning

Flipped Learning, flipped classroom, flip your classroom – I here these phrases all the time these days.

What I know about flipped learning now I put into my KWHL chart.

But I’ll learn more, I promise.

Searching the net I’ve found this cool infographic:



3 thoughts on “Flipped learning

  1. This is a really cool time to be a student. I am not in school anymore but the thought that is going into new innovations for education is amazing. I would have loved to be in a flipped classroom or to go to school online. My younger brother falls into this generation and he is doing much better than he did in traditional public school.


  2. Oh yes, I agree. It is a great time for students and absolutely amazing time for creative teachers. There are so many possibilities now to express oneself, to engage your students, to share your knowledge or to learn cooperatively. I am so excited to get to know all this new information.
    When I think about my studies at the University I feel slightly annoyed. How much time was wasted on boring ineffective lectures. How much time could have been used more effectively!


  3. Flipped learning is our future. But, I still see/feel that the theory is much better than a practice. I tried it a few times, but I failed. I guess it’s connected with a lack of materials and needed theory on the Internet.
    I hope it will improve soon, and our teaching will change.
    Because of quite a fast developing technology, some parts of our teaching must change. But, also our students must want to change and want to learn outside schools.


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