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MM7: MOOCs and Open Education: Recent News and Research Clues (Nov.2 2015)

The presenter of the second MM7 webinar – Curt Bonk is the Professor of Indiana University.

The webinar was built on the presentation of his new book “MOOCs and Education Around the World” which discusses some current trends of research in the field of open education and MOOCs.

Prof. Bonk discussed the growth of MOOCs – more and more people are enrolling in them. More people (companies) are providing MOOCs. The focus is on competency-based education.

Learning is becoming more ubiquitous, more collaborative, more video-based, more massive, more open, more flipped.

Prof. Bonk asked the audience some questions in a form of polls:

  1. Who in here has taken a MOOC? (my answer was ‘yes’)
  2. Have you ever dropped a MOOC? (‘yes’ again as well as the majority of the audience )
  3. Have you ever completed a MOOC? (‘yes’ – a lot of people but not many people could remember the titles of the MOOCs they completed 🙂
  4. Would you like to research MOOCs now? –

Actually Prof. Curt managed to excite my curiosity in the research on MOOCs. At least I’ll try to monitor the areas I find most interesting, for example research on Impact of Blending FTF Sessions with Online MOOCs; the impact of credentials and badges; flipped classroom. Other research topics discussed during the session were listed in this presentation.


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