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Moodle MOOC 7


So November is here and the new Moodle MOOC 7 has just started.

I am really excited to be a part of a big learning community again. It’s been a while since I last took part in a MOOC. Hopefully this time I won’t drop out (fingers crossed).

We had two webinars on our first day of MOOC.

The first – Opening Ceremony with Nellie Deutsch.

Well, it was so great to see Nellie again after such a long pause from my part.

Some questions and points that Nellie mentioned and we actively discussed in the chatbox:

Learning is a change. You go from one point to another changing on the way. The question is ‘what kind of change’? If learning is a change, can you predict what change it is going to be? In other words, do you always know the outcome of what you do in class? Is it what you expect?

I am really grateful to Dr. Nellie who keeps reminding us that it is a choice to either have fun with learning (or actually anything) or to suffer. 🙂 I definitely prefer to have fun!


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