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Record of Kindness

A week ago my city, the city of Zhytomyr, became the most philanthropic city in Ukraine.
Two charitable organizations have organized a six-hour act of charity which was called “The Record of Kindness”. The idea was to gather as many townspeople as possible on the main square of our city in order to raise money for children who need urgent surgeries or rehabilitation.


I am happy to say that my daughter’s class (and our school general) took an active part in this philanthropic effort. The most disciplined participants of “The Record of Kindness” were schoolchildren and students of higher educational institutions. I hoped that adult population would respond more enthusiastically.


The net result is that there was raised 228 thousand hryvnias (approximately 9000 USD). Is that much? Well, my first reaction was the disappointment. On the other hand, it was a huge event and the record of Ukraine for raising that amount within just 6 hours. That’s why my city received the status of the most philanthropic city in Ukraine.

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