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Health Day

Last Friday my daughter’s school celebrated Health Day. This is an annual event, but this year some medieval knights dropped in on our school. Bozhena was ecstatic about it! When she was a bit younger her dream was to become a valiant knight.


The knights invited us to spend the afternoon with them, to learn a bit more about the history of Europe in XIII – XIV century.

All the children were divided into smaller groups, each group received its trip map and the adventure began.

First, we halted at the armory station where the knight told us about medieval coats of arms and showed some pieces of armor.




Next halt was at the ‘chronicle station’. Our group listened to the story about life in the medieval village and had to write down what they on a piece of parchment.

5.jpg  6


At the next station, the children turned into armor-bearers and had to put a suit of armor on the knight.

7 8


Next halt was a place for sort of sparring matches.

Bozhena was so excited and waited patiently for her turn.


They also played “medieval rugby”Grin.gif



and practiced archery



At the end of the adventure, there was a costume contest, the knighting of the best and the real knight fight!



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