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Malanka and Vasyl – ‘Old New Year in Ukraine


Malanka is the New Year’s Eve according to the Julian Calendar. On this day it is customary to sing schedrivky (Ukrainian traditional songs with wishes of prosperity and good health to the hosts of a house). Groups of young people dress up as different characters, wear masks and walk from house to house showing their mini-performances and wishing the hosts good health and prosperity. The traditional characters are: 

Malanka (a guy dressed up as a girl), Vasyl (a girl dressed up as a guy), Old Man and Old Woman, Gypsies with children,   Goat, Cat, Devil and others (there are many variations. Now people sometimes dress up as celebrities). They also carry bells, rattles, whips etc. The masquers’ role is to scare off the evil spirits and ensure fair yield and robust health…

I found this video on facebook. Look how Canadian diaspora is celebrating Malanka.


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