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Summer Has Gone! Hello, September!

The beginning of school year has always been a bitter-sweet moment for me. I loved going back to school when I was a child partially because the school year was preceded by dreadfully exhausting days of potato picking which usually took place during the last weeks of August. Long before the time when the last sack of potatoes was hidden into the cellar, I was longing for

the school to start and save me from that ‘slave labor’. Of course, like any normal child, I was a bit sad that three summer months had passed so quickly and I would have to work hard for nine months in two schools (I also attended music school). Nevertheless, there was always hope for something exciting to happen next year and there was always the trembling feeling of being a year older. I remember how desperately I wanted to become older, to be grown-up…

Now I celebrate the start of the school year with my daughter and I am excited for her and with her. I am glad that she looks forward to her lessons, piano classes, icon-painting sessions, karate trainings…
I understand why she is a bit sad that three summer months passed so quickly. But unlike me, she doesn’t want to get older. She is able to enjoy the time now. I should learn it from her. 


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