About me


My name is Diana and I am an English tutor/teacher/instructor (whatever term you prefer). I live in Zhytomyr, not very big Ukrainian city.

I am really lucky because I love my job. English has been my passion for over 20 years now and I still enjoy delving into grammar, expanding my vocabulary as well as helping my students to fall in love with English. 🙂

I teach English online (using skype, google hangouts, zoom) and offline. The age of my students varies from 2 to 72 (yes, my oldest student was a 72-year-old lady who enjoyed looking up words in a dictionary and was very sharp and witty).

I was also one of the teachers on a wonderful site called LEWWWP (Learn English with a World Wide Perspective) which unfortunately had to be closed.

At the moment I am a contributor/teacher at the Mad Rook (aka Lee’s Library) where you can find some of my lessons.

In this journal, I am going to post my reflections on teaching and learning languages as well as the entries about my personal life.

See you later! 🙂


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