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MoodleMOOT 2017

So the MoodleMOOT 2017 is over. This was a three-day event with 24 webinars with speakers from 13 countries of the world. As usual, MoodleMOOT was organized by Dr. Nellie Deutch, who is inspirational, as always. I am so glad that this year I could make it!

This time Nellie asked us to post our reflections to the Moodle site. And I am reflecting on some webinars and want to put those reflections here as well.

So this is my first reflection on the Opening Ceremony.

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Saturday routine

My daughter’s (and my) favorite thing to do on Saturday morning is attending a matinee in our drama theater.
Their latest play is really good. I don’t know how much Bozhena understands there (I think it is more for adults than for kids), but the special effects and costumes are really cool. Just have a look at this video. If you cannot read Ukrainian title can you still guess which story it is?

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Malanka and Vasyl – ‘Old New Year in Ukraine


Malanka is the New Year’s Eve according to the Julian Calendar. On this day it is customary to sing schedrivky (Ukrainian traditional songs with wishes of prosperity and good health to the hosts of a house). Groups of young people dress up as different characters, wear masks and walk from house to house showing their mini-performances and wishing the hosts good health and prosperity. The traditional characters are:  Continue reading “Malanka and Vasyl – ‘Old New Year in Ukraine”

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Ukrainian Christmas


Christmas in Ukraine is one of the favorite and most important holidays of the year. It is celebrated on the 7th of January, according to the Julian calendar followed by the Orthodox church. The different calendars (the Catholic church uses the Gregorian calendar) are the reason why the same religious holidays are celebrated on different dates.  Continue reading “Ukrainian Christmas”

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“Jim” by Hilaire Belloc

I'd like to present the poem by Hilaire Belloc called

Jim, who ran away from his Nurse and was eaten by a Lion


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