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Saturday routine

My daughter’s (and my) favorite thing to do on Saturday morning is attending a matinee in our drama theater.
Their latest play is really good. I don’t know how much Bozhena understands there (I think it is more for adults than for kids), but the special effects and costumes are really cool. Just have a look at this video. If you cannot read Ukrainian title can you still guess which story it is?

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My Nightmare

Do you have nightmares?
I have a recurring nightmare about having an academic concert (that is how exams are called) at my music school and realizing that I haven’t been practicing the piano for 20 years. A mere thought is sending a chill down my spine. But in about a month and a half, I’ll have to live through my nightmare…

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Can you paint in watercolors?

When you look at a painting, it is hard to believe that some time ago it was just a piece of empty canvas or paper. As a person with no talent for painting, I always admired the works of artists and thought that I would never ever be able to create anything even remotely resembling their beautiful masterpieces. Or would I?

These videos show how to create beautiful watercolors. Anders Andersson has inspired me today. Continue reading “Can you paint in watercolors?”

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Our Audiobook

Over a year ago my husband Oleg and my sister Oksana started recording an audiobook. That was their first experience so they had to learn a lot along the way. They decided to record the autobiographic book by Sat-Okh called The Land of Salt Rocks because this book was one of my husband’s childhood favorites. Besides there are really few adventure audiobooks for children and teenagers in the Ukrainian language.

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Jon Lord

Yesterday I was shocked by the sad news about one of my favorite musicians and composers.
Jon Lord passed away at the age of 71. People will remember him as an extraordinary keyboard player and the founder of the illustrious “Deep Purple”. I will remember his mesmerizing tunes combining classical harmony with the rock beat. My daughter will keep conducting her imaginary orchestra just “like Jon Lord”… Continue reading “Jon Lord”