MM7: MOOCs and Open Education: Recent News and Research Clues (Nov.2 2015)

The presenter of the second MM7 webinar – Curt Bonk is the Professor of Indiana University.

The webinar was built on the presentation of his new book “MOOCs and Education Around the World” which discusses some current trends of research in the field of open education and MOOCs.

Prof. Bonk discussed the growth of MOOCs Continue reading “MM7: MOOCs and Open Education: Recent News and Research Clues (Nov.2 2015)”

Moodle MOOC 7


So November is here and the new Moodle MOOC 7 has just started.

I am really excited to be a part of a big learning community again. It’s been a while since I last took part in a MOOC. Hopefully this time I won’t drop out (fingers crossed).

We had two webinars on our first day of MOOC.

The first – Opening Ceremony with Nellie Deutsch. Continue reading “Moodle MOOC 7”

Can you paint in watercolors?

When you look at a painting, it is hard to believe that some time ago it was just a piece of empty canvas or paper. As a person with no talent for painting, I always admired the works of artists and thought that I would never ever be able to create anything even remotely resembling their beautiful masterpieces. Or would I?

These videos show how to create beautiful watercolors. Anders Andersson has inspired me today. Continue reading “Can you paint in watercolors?”

A Piece of Classics


I have a nice piece of classics for you today from my favorite PianoGuys:

Here is the story of this record (written by Piano Guys):

The story behind the song:

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The Importance of the Followers.

Many people consider a leading role to be very important and attractive. There are so many motivational books which explain how to cultivate the qualities necessary for good leaders. But I haven’t seen many books telling you that a leader is impossible without supportive followers.

This video explains (very gracefully) the importance of a good follower. Continue reading “The Importance of the Followers.”

Flipped learning

Flipped Learning, flipped classroom, flip your classroom – I here these phrases all the time these days.

What I know about flipped learning now I put into my KWHL chart.

But I’ll learn more, I promise.

Searching the net I’ve found this cool infographic:

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Man & Woman. A Tale of Two Brains.

Once upon a time three ladies gathered together on skype. They talked about many topics and then unwittingly they found themselves discussing the problems of the relationship between men and women. Really surprising turn, don’t you think?Grin.gif

And one of the ladies recalled that she loved the video seminar called “A Tale of Two Brains”. Continue reading “Man & Woman. A Tale of Two Brains.”

Are You Happy?

Leo Tolstoy once said: “If you want to be happy, be!”

Easier said than done. I wish he had said how to be happy instead of that obscure dictum.

Isn’t happiness an illusive state which is simply impossible to achieve?

Are we apt not to notice our happiness? Continue reading “Are You Happy?”

Week 2 class on WizIQ “Creating Engaging Activities with Dave Cormier”

I watched the recording of the class and wondered how I would have felt if I were present in the class. In such cases I usually feel really awkward. When I am in the group of people and someone behaves childishly – I feel awkward. When people are asked to do something and some of them ignore the request for some reasons – I feel awkward and ashamed even if I am not involved in misbehaving. Continue reading “Week 2 class on WizIQ “Creating Engaging Activities with Dave Cormier””

My Moodling on Week 1

I’ve created this power point presentation representing my experience during Week 1 of Moodle MOOC 2013.  I wanted to use screencast-o-matic to record my voice with it, but then decided not to. I thought that my message was pretty clear. 🙂