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Our Audiobook

Over a year ago my husband Oleg and my sister Oksana started recording an audiobook. That was their first experience so they had to learn a lot along the way. They decided to record the autobiographic book by Sat-Okh called The Land of Salt Rocks because this book was one of my husband’s childhood favorites. Besides there are really few adventure audiobooks for children and teenagers in the Ukrainian language.

Have you heard about Sat-Okh? Have you read his books? Continue reading “Our Audiobook”

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How about some magic?

Have you ever wanted to be a wizard (or a witch)? Have you ever dreamed about having a magic wand? Maybe you wanted (or still want) to be omnipotent? My answer is yes to all these questions. I always loved fairy tales and legends, stories of magic and miracles. I do believe in miracles. That is why I am fascinated by J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ series.
My acquaintance with Harry Potter started in 2000 when my American friends brought me four first books of the series published in the US by that time. Continue reading “How about some magic?”

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An amazing story of Iris Johansson.


Iris Johansson (DOB: April 8. 1945) is a Swedish psychologist. Her case is unique. As a child, she was diagnosed with infantile autism. Though Iris’s father was just a simple Swedish farmer, he managed to take his daughter out of the autistic world. But what is more important, Iris remembers the reality she had been living in till the age of 12. Moreover, she has managed to describe it in her autobiographic book “Peculiar Childhood”.

For a long time, Iris was not able to learn how to dress herself, wash herself, clean her teeth or go to the toilet. Actually, she found no sense in all those actions. Her father spent several years trying to teach his daughter to eat without assistance. His efforts were not futile. Iris managed to eat her first sandwich at the age of seven. Continue reading “An amazing story of Iris Johansson.”