To Eat or Not to Eat

Somebody has shared this video with me and it brought memories of similar talks with my younger sister when she was a child, a bit older than that boy in the video. My sister could not eat meat because it was ‘made of a living creature’. The thought of eating something that lived was repulsive for her. I remember that our grandmother lied to her saying that beef grew on a tree.39.gif

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Health Day

Last Friday my daughter’s school celebrated Health Day. This is an annual event, but this year some medieval knights dropped in on our school. Bozhena was ecstatic about it! When she was a bit younger her dream was to become a valiant knight.


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Record of Kindness

A week ago my city, the city of Zhytomyr, became the most philanthropic city in Ukraine.
Two charitable organizations have organized a six-hour act of charity which was called “The Record of Kindness”. The idea was to gather as many townspeople as possible on the main square of our city in order to raise money for children who need urgent surgeries or rehabilitation.


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My Nightmare

Do you have nightmares?
I have a recurring nightmare about having an academic concert (that is how exams are called) at my music school and realizing that I haven’t been practicing the piano for 20 years. A mere thought is sending a chill down my spine. But in about a month and a half, I’ll have to live through my nightmare…

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My Favorite Time of the Year

This time of the year is the best for me. I love watching trees in bloom, the color of fresh grass has a soothing effect on me. The air is still fresh and cool and filled with invigorating fragrance of moist ground…
Trees are coming into leaf and to watch those sticky light green leaflets is a feast to the eye. Pretty soon leaves will grow and lose that innocent shade of green. So hurry to enjoy it!Smile.gif

And what can be better than a stroll on a bank of the river or a lake on such a day!

Those pictures were taken at my favorite place, the bank of the river Kamyanka on the 21st of April. My daughter loves our strolls here as well .

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Here Comes Winter!


Winter has come to Ukraine. And it is very beautiful now.

Yes, there are problems with traffic, the community services are unable to clean the roads…

but we still have lots of fun. 🙂

Sledding is Fun! on PhotoPeach

My Epiphany Celebration.

Hello, dear friends. 

I am happy to share my new experience with you.
Today Ukrainians are celebrating Epiphany or the Baptism of Jesus Christ. This day we believe that water becomes holy. People bring this holy water home from the churches and use it throughout a year to treat illnesses and bless their homes. Some people follow the tradition to dip into the lakes or rivers. On this day water washes away all the sins from the past year and brings health and strength. This is a bit extreme tradition because this time of the year it is rather cold in Ukraine. 🙂 For example today at midnight it was 13 degrees below zero (Celsius scale). Continue reading “My Epiphany Celebration.”