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Malanka and Vasyl – ‘Old New Year in Ukraine


Malanka is the New Year’s Eve according to the Julian Calendar. On this day it is customary to sing schedrivky (Ukrainian traditional songs with wishes of prosperity and good health to the hosts of a house). Groups of young people dress up as different characters, wear masks and walk from house to house showing their mini-performances and wishing the hosts good health and prosperity. The traditional characters are:  Continue reading “Malanka and Vasyl – ‘Old New Year in Ukraine”

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Christmas and New Year are almost here 🙂 It is a tradition here to celebrate Christmas singing carols (special Christmas hymns). I love this tradition a lot and I know many traditional Ukrainian carols.

I think that many people around the world will Continue reading “Schedryk”

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Every year on the 23rd of November people in Ukraine light candles on their windowsills and at the pedestals of many monuments. On this day Ukraine remembers people starved to death during Holodomor (great famine) of 1932-1933. Continue reading “Holodomor”

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My Epiphany Celebration.

Hello, dear friends. 

I am happy to share my new experience with you.
Today Ukrainians are celebrating Epiphany or the Baptism of Jesus Christ. This day we believe that water becomes holy. People bring this holy water home from the churches and use it throughout a year to treat illnesses and bless their homes. Some people follow the tradition to dip into the lakes or rivers. On this day water washes away all the sins from the past year and brings health and strength. This is a bit extreme tradition because this time of the year it is rather cold in Ukraine. 🙂 For example today at midnight it was 13 degrees below zero (Celsius scale). Continue reading “My Epiphany Celebration.”