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“Jim” by Hilaire Belloc

I'd like to present the poem by Hilaire Belloc called

Jim, who ran away from his Nurse and was eaten by a Lion


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To Eat or Not to Eat

Somebody has shared this video with me and it brought memories of similar talks with my younger sister when she was a child, a bit older than that boy in the video. My sister could not eat meat because it was ‘made of a living creature’. The thought of eating something that lived was repulsive for her. I remember that our grandmother lied to her saying that beef grew on a tree.

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Can you paint in watercolors?

When you look at a painting, it is hard to believe that some time ago it was just a piece of empty canvas or paper. As a person with no talent for painting, I always admired the works of artists and thought that I would never ever be able to create anything even remotely resembling their beautiful masterpieces. Or would I?

These videos show how to create beautiful watercolors. Anders Andersson has inspired me today. Continue reading “Can you paint in watercolors?”

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The Importance of the Followers.

Many people consider a leading role to be very important and attractive. There are so many motivational books which explain how to cultivate the qualities necessary for good leaders. But I haven’t seen many books telling you that a leader is impossible without supportive followers.

This video explains (very gracefully) the importance of a good follower. Continue reading “The Importance of the Followers.”

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Ode to Joy (flashmob)

Just watch this wonderful performance. I am sure most of you know this piece of music by Beethoven.

Let us also all celebrate brotherhood and unity of all mankind!